Our maths programme helps children of all ages and ability levels to develop maths skills and a love of numbers. Our  programme covers all curriculum topics that students are expected to learn in school. The programme is designed to teach children basic mathematical concepts which will help them understand and learn new concepts so they can catch up at school. The programme also contains extension modules for when students are ready for more challenging work, and more complex and advanced activities for senior students who want to improve their skills. All children are given a FREE initial assessment to determine what year level they’re currently working at and to identify any learning gaps. An individual learning programme is then created to target exactly what your child needs help with. The programme is carefully designed so that your child progresses at their own pace. Your child starts on the Kip McGrath programme at the level suited to their current ability and knowledge. Our programme will engage your child in a variety of structured, yet fun learning activities. Our tutors will motivate your child to want to learn more and give them the self-confidence to achieve the best results they can.

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English programme caters for students who are virtual non readers through to those that are having minor difficulties with their learning development. The curriculum covers all aspects of English that students are expected to learn throughout their years at school (where English is the first language).  The subject aims to promote and cultivate the love of reading and writing in students and  encourages students to fearlessly investigate all the contours of the English language through different methods and activities such as reading comic strip books, playing word games, writing poems etc. With the younger children, we use phonics to help them develop their reading ability and build the skills they need to become confident at spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG). Other important skills such as memorisation, the composition of simple to complex answers are gradually introduced and developed through the use of a variety of learning material.

Our programme works along with the requirements of the national curriculum but is not rigidly fixed to it. This allows our instructions to help children go beyond what might be seen as expected knowledge for particular year groups.  Our approach affords us the flexibility to help our students develop into independent, inquisitive and confident learning explorers.




We run French class for beginners and intermediate learners in partnership with New Hope for Life Charity.

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The GCSE examinations are one of the key times in a pupil’s academic life. These exams not only indicate educational success and achievement thus far, but also pave the path for progression to A-Level and beyond.

Classes, which remain small at a maximum of 5 per class, are a mixture of formal teaching, problem solving sessions and examination practice using past papers.


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Our Entrance Exam Preparation Programme prepares pupils for entry into independent and grammar schools and caters for children sitting 11+ and entrance examinations as well as non-standard entry.

It is essential therefore that children have been thoroughly prepared for these challenging entrance exams. Even if your child is not actually sitting these exams, they can achieve and work at the level of the top independent schools through our programmes. Please refer to individual programme information or contact us for more information.

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