Our Maths & English tutoring start from as little as £45 per month for South Norwood and surrounding residents, including 2 weeks free tuition and free assessments for your children…

Friends of Learning provides high quality academic support group for pupils to increase their subject knowledge, confidence and study skills so that they can achieve a meaningful level of academic attainment by increasing their subject knowledge and study skills. We support each child to unlock their full potential.

Why are we different?

We assess your child to find out what they know and do not know.

 Every week we create a lesson plan especially for your child.

We update you on your child progress each time.

Our children earn points for motivation such as movie tickets.

 We partner with different charities such as New Hope for Life to help us learn how to get involved on matters affecting our communities and our world.

Book an assessment today or contact us by phone or email to book an appointment for your child.

Exam Boards we Follow..